Plastic Trash Can Storage Shed

Plastic Trash Can Storage Shed

We found that a quick solution to the problem of where to keep the garbage was to use a plastic trash can storage shed.

They can be assembled quickly, don’t require any special tools or knowledge, are easy to keep clean - a wipe with a soapy cloth is all that is needed, and they can be re-positioned if necessary.

It’s important to keep refuse out of sight. You’ll want to ensure your backyard looks tidy, and to minimize hygiene risks and fly infestation.

Also, in small yards, trash cans can seem to take up a disproportionate 

amount of space to other landscaping, so it’s preferable to keep them out of sight.

Have a look over the five sheds I’ve selected. Most are horizontal plastic sheds but one is a vertical and can be used to store other items as well.

One final point. Do check the size of your own trash cans to ensure they fit before ordering.

Keter Midi Outdoor Storage Shed - Backyard and Trash Can Storage

Rubbermaid 32 Cubic Feet Bin Storage Shed

Suncast BMS4700 70 Cubic Feet Storage Shed

Suncast BMS4500 Vertical Storage Shed

Suncast BMS3200 Plastic Backyard Storage Shed