Outdoor Wooden Raised Garden Bed Kit

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raised beds

We used an outdoor wooden raised garden bed kit when we were strapped for space in our backyard. We built up several actually.

It is a lot easier tending to flowers and veggies when you are not stooping all the way down to ground level. So they are great for anyone with a bad back. 

Raised beds used on top of garden soil have the benefit of inducing root growth and improving nutrient support.

There are several advantages to using these raised bed kits.

  • You can locate them almost anywhere. On top of an existing bed of soil or on grass. Even on top of concrete.
  • They provide good drainage, and as the soil is contained, it will not wash away in heavy rainfall.
  • You are less likely to get weeds from adjacent beds.
  • Soil compaction is minimized. On the one hand you are unlikely to walk on the beds, on the other good drainage prevents compaction from flooding.
  • You have better control of the soil being used as you are not digging over the ground.
  • The planting season can be extended because of warmer soil above the ground.

For the DIY-proficient gardener, these garden boxes would be a breeze to make. If that's not you, consider this kit below. It's all you need to get started.

Infinite Cedar Raised Bed Garden Kit

Infinite Cedar Raised Bed Garden Kit 4'x8'x11

This easy-to-assemble raised bed kit is made from rot-resistant Western Red Cedar boards. It is of all natural finish and has not been chemically treated, which could contaminate the soil.

  • A quality product made in the USA.
  • Kit is easily assembled and disassembled.
  • Made with 1 inch thick premium grade deck boards.
  • Useful 11 inch depth to accomodate deep rooted plants.
  • Dimensions: Length 96 inches x Width 48 inches x Height 11 inches.

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