Long Handled Pruning Shears

Long Handled Pruning Shears

If you have trees or shrubs in your backyard, you’ll appreciate just how much long handled pruning shears can help with general backyard maintenance.

They are ideal for:

  • Reaching high branches without having to resort to using a ladder.
  • Cutting and pruning low down so you don’t have to stoop.
  • Cutting back growth inside a large bush or shrub without you having to get inside it.

The extra leverage provided by longer 

handles makes pruning and lopping a lot easier on the arms - you don’t need as much arm strength as when you use shorter tools.

If you need to cut through larger wood growth, say up to a couple of inches thick, an anvil cutting set up will be better than a tool using bypass blades.​

Tabor Tools GG12 30'' Compound Anvil Lopper

  • Hardened carbon steel blade - stays sharp.
  • Will cut through 2 inch branches.
  • 22 inch handles have ergonomic comfort grips.
  • The GG12 weighs around 3.5 pounds.
  • Handle ends do not touch when closing the cut, so no squashed knuckles!
  • More leverage with the extra length so less arm strength needed.

Maius Extendable Bypass Lopping Shears

  • Teflon coated SK-5 steel blade.
  • Can be extended from 27 inches to 40 inches.
  • Rust resistant, non-slip handles
  • Weight is 3.57 pounds.

Melnor Talon 28 - 37 inch Long Handled Pruner/Lopper

  • Ultra-durable forged steel bypass blades with Titanium coating.
  • Handles telescope between 28 inches and 37 inches.
  • Non-slip cushioned grips.
  • Lopper comes with hand shears.

Tabor Tools GL18 20 inch Bypass Lopper

  • A light-weight, medium sized, balanced tool.
  • Cuts through 1 inch diameter branches.
  • Hardened carbon steel blade.
  • ​Medium size 15 inch handles.
  • Rubberized comfort grips.

The Gardener's Friend Long Handled Pruning Shears

  • 7 inch coated SK-5 steel blades.
  • Aluminum handles.
  • Super lightweight - 21 ounces - with ergonomic hand grips.
  • Blades angled slightly from the handles for comfort and easier pruning.