Heavy Duty Waterproof 8 x 10 Tarpaulin

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heavy duty waterproof tarpaulins

If you don’t already have a Heavy Duty Waterproof 8 x 10 tarpaulin for use with your backyard and DIY tasks, you should consider one.

It has so many practical uses.

The 8 by 10 is large enough for many jobs, and small enough to fold away without taking up much storage place. I even keep one in my car.

I first bought when I was spring-cleaning the backyard shed.

I laid some of the shed contents out on the tarp whilst cleaning the inside, and when it inevitably started to rain, I just folded the tarp over and covered everything until the shower passed. It’s also useful for when I’m working up a ladder, for collecting dropped debris or for keeping tree clippings in one place to be easily tidied away later.

Some tarp measurements relate to their cut size, and are therefore a bit smaller than the quoted size.

See which of these tarps suits you best.

Heavy Duty White Waterproof 8' x 10' Tarpaulin by Dry Top

These tarps are cut oversize so the actual finished size is as stated. So this 8 x 10 does measure out at 8 x 10 feet.

  • Made from Heavy Duty Industrial Polyethylene.
  • Ultra violet treated.
  • Reinforced capped corners.
  • Also available in 10 other sizes.

Silver/Black Heavy Duty Waterproof 8 x 10 Tarpaulin

The thick material that this tarpaulin is made from provides a lot more protection than thinner tarps.

  • Available in 19 sizes.
  • Sun and fade-resistant.
  • Has heavy duty double laminated coating.
  • Colors: Blue, green or silver.

  • Canvas Heavy Duty Waterproof 8 x 10 Tarpaulin From Chicago Canvas & Supply

    Made with a breathable, water and mildew-resistant 100% cotton duck canvas. Has double-stitched seams and hems for additional durability.

    • Traditional type tarpaulin made with cotton duck canvas.
    • Mildew-resistant and water-resistant.
    • Grommets every 24 inches.
    • Breathable fabric.

    Green Vinyl 8 x 10 Tarp by Chicago Canvas & Supply

    This is a green vinyl (not poly) tarp with grommets every two feet, and with heat sealed seams. It's very strong and waterproof. You can get it in loads of bright colors - like orange, red, yellow and purple.

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