Backyard Makeover Guides & Tips

In this section you'll find the guides and tips we have put together for beginner and experienced backyard enthusiasts.

How to Plan a Small Backyard Makeover

how to plan a small backyard makeover

Plan Your Small Backyard Makeover

Remodeling your small backyard can bring many benefits for you and your family. Whichever way you want to use your backyard space, a bit of planning before you start will enable you to get as muchas possible from the space you have

Choosing Backyard Decor to Add Style and Character to a Small Yard

add style and character to your yardwith your choice of decor

Choose the Decor that Adds Style & Character to Your Yard

There are many ways you can change the appearance of your yard, and we show some backyard decor features you can easily incorporate into your own small backyard makeover to achieve this.

Container Gardening For Beginners

container gardening guide

How to Make Your Own Container Garden

Growing flowers and vegetables, small shrubs and trees, in containers is an effective way to garden in small yards. Container grown plants are easy to nurture and mantain, and are an easy way to bring color and personality to your own private space. Read how.

Yard Clean Up Guide

yard clean up guide

Tidy Your Backyard Before Your Makeover

A general tidy up can make a world of difference to how you see your yard. It's the essential first step to take before you plan how to remodel your backyard. A yard clean up is sometimes all that is needed to invigorate the appearance of your backyard & to give it a fresher look.

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