Best Pink Garden Tools for Small Backyards

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pink garden tools

If pink is one of your favorite colors then you're in for a treat. There are more pink garden tools available now then ever before.

They've become very popular in recent years, and make a bright and pleasant change in the garden, from the rustic greens and browns of the past.

In addition, for those prepared to recycle and re-purpose items, specialist paints can be used to refurbish old metal garden tools and bric-a-brac into something bright and colorful.

So if you can’t find a pink replacement for a garden accessory you already have, you can refurbish and repaint!  All manner of gardening  items can be given a new lease of life and you get to create some special features in your yard.

I’m already preparing to paint an old metal watering can, when the weather improves.

Right. let's look at some pink garden accessories.

You can either buy a pink gardening tool set, or assemble your own set of pink tools and accessories, and store them in a special tool bag.

If you're in a hurry you can check out a whole range of pink garden tools HERE!

Pink Garden Tools

3 Piece Pink Garden Tool Set

A basic 3 tool set including trowel, hand rake and transplanter, suitable for a wide range of gardening tasks such as weeding, digging and soil aerating and loosening.

The soft-grip ergonomical handles help reduce fatigue and hand ache when gardening for longer periods, and are suitable for people with large or small hands. 

These are robust tools made with heavy-duty, hard aluminum heads. Good for starting gardening on a small budget.

Stainless Steel Pink Trimming Shears

These shears have ergonomically designed grip handles, and are just right for working in close without getting hand fatigue. They can be used left or right-handed and are very lightweight.

The two-inch, stainless steel blade is strong, long-lasting, and easily cleaned. It can be safely locked when not in use.

Pink Spear Head Spade

This hybrid design - a cross between a spade and a shovel - is claimed to reduce digging effort.  The reinforced fiberglass handle is stronger than conventional shovel/spade standards, and the blade design enables easier cutting in rocky and clay soil, turf, and with transplanting tough perrenials.

Pink Metal Watering Can

There's a vibrant pink to this modern looking watering can! The long spout lets you water plants further away from you, and the wrap round handle allows you to grip from the top and the rear.

Garden Kneelers and Seat

Gardening can involve a lot of stooping and kneeling. It can be hard on your knees sometimes, so having a kneeler can be a good investment. A simple mat of high density foam plastic may be all you need to bring relief to your knees. 

However, if you have arthritic joints or a bad back, then the type that doubles up as a seat as well, is probably the better choice. These incorporate handles to help lift yourself from the kneeling position, which is a lot more comfortable and ergonomic. When the kneeler is turned upside down it becomes a stool.

Pink Garden Kneeling Mat

Thick Kneeling Pad, Garden Kneeler for Gardening, Bath Kneeler for Baby Bath, Kneeling Mat for Exercise & Yoga, Knee Pad for Work, Floor Foam Pad, Extra Large (XL) 18 x 11 x 1.5 Inches, Pink

A basic plastic foam garden kneeler. It's cheap, does the job, is very light and can be stored almost anywhere. It's useful for indoor tasks as well.

Pink(ish) Garden Kneeler and Seat

TABOR TOOLS TR2A Garden Kneeler and Seat Bench with Tool Bag Pouch and Foam Pad Cushion, Workseat with Kneeling Bench Option, Light Weight Foldable Stool, Portable Outdoor Kneeler for Gardening.

From Tabor Tools, this doubles as a kneeler and a seat - just invert it. The sides fold in for easy flat storage.

Dimensions: 24 inches L x 11 inches W x 19 inches H.

Ladies Pink Tool Belts

Tool belts have many uses and can be used for gardening, DIY and hobbies. They put whatever type of tools and accessory items you're working with, close to hand as you move around.

Graintex 10 Pocket Pink Tool Pouch

Finished in an attractive heavy duty pink suede leather, this kit has 2 large and 2 medium size pouches plus 6 smaller pockets for tools and pencils. Pouches and belt are sold separately so be aware of this when ordering. There are also 2 hammer loops fitted at the base of the pockets.

Ladies Pink Tool Pouch and Belt Kit

If you need to carry more gear, then the Lipstick Tools belt provides more carry space. It has a 2 metal hammer loops and a tape measure clip point too. Garden handtools, spray bottle, twine etc will all find a home in this belt. It's made of nylon with reinforced pockets, which are all fixed in position.

Graintex 11-Pocket Pink Work Apron

This has all leather suede pouches with a 2 inch webbing belt with quick-release PVC buckle. Look at the pockets. They're very useful sizes, and will carry most of the hand tools and bits & bobs used when gardening or doing DIY.

Graintex also make a great looking purple version. See it HERE!

Pink Work Gloves for Gardening

You'll need to protect your hands when gardening. Skin can get messed up and fingernails broken so easily that a decent pair of garden gloves is essential. 

Even if you have a very small garden or are just using containers and window boxes, you'll appreciate work gloves at some stage.

Just moving items around in a yard clean-up can scuff the hands and pinch fingers too, so having some protection for your hands is recommended.

See all gardening gloves HERE!

Pink Gauntlet Thorn Proof Gloves

HANDLANDY Ladies Thorn Proof Gardening Gloves, Long Gauntlet Heavy Duty Garden Gloves, Elbow Length Women Leather Rose Pruning Gloves (Medium, Rosy)

HANDLADY Pink Thorn-proof  garden gaunlets - great for  hand/arm protection when gardening and yard cleaning.

Sometimes you need forearm as well as hand-protection when working around brambles and other thorny shrubs. These pink cowhide leather gauntlets give you the heavy-duty protection you need. 

  • Heavy duty cowhide leather.
  • Sizes are medium & large.
  • Also available in green.

Nitrile Coated Ladies Gardening Gloves

There are plenty of situations where a pair of lightweight, nitrile-coated gloves become indispensible - washing greenhouse glass, transplanting prickly cacti, handling oily garden equipment for example.

They are comfortable to wear while working, and the flexible cuff stops dirt getting into the glove.

  • Waterproof and oil-resistant palms.
  • Close fitting at wrist.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Available in small, medium and larges sizes.
  • 3 pairs per pack.

Pink Clawed Digging Gloves

Honey Badger - Garden Gloves – Upgraded Premium Womens Gloves - All in one Tool for Light Gardening tasks - Claws on Left Hand - The ORIGINAL Digging Glove(TM.)

Authentic pink clawed garden gloves from Honey Badger

Gloves with claws. Just what you need sometimes when repositioning soil without messing up your fingertips, or the ends of your gloves.

These are the original digging gloves, I believe, and come in a range of sizes and high viz colors. The fabric is breathable and the claws are sealed all around the glove fabric to make a stronger more reliable fit.

When ordering, you should specify whether you want the claws on the left or right. The important thing here is that your choice is based on the task you'll need the claws for, and not whether you're left or right handed.

These are great for protecting fingernails when you need to move soil with your hands, and they help protect your skin.

Women's Machine Washable Gloves

Made with a durable synthetic leather on the palm, and with a neoprene/spandex shell, these gloves are pre-curved to aid comfort and dexterity.

Extra padding protects the knuckles, the fingertips are rolltop to protect the fingernails, and a terry cloth sweat wipe is built into the back of the thumb.

Gloves are machine washable and sized as small, medium, large & extra large.

Breathable Pink Leather Garden Gloves

These scratch-resistant leather gloves protect your hands with soft leather palms, and have breathable mesh backs so your hands don't get too hot. The mesh is also stretchable to improve handling.

They are sized on the small size so double-check the size chart when ordering.

Pink Tool Bags

Somewhere to store your tools when you've stopped gardening for the day. Especially useful if you haven't the room for a storage shed in the yard, and need to keep your gardening items indoors.

Ladies Pink Tool Bag with 22 Storage Pockets

Pink Power 16” Tool Bag for Women with 22 Storage Pockets and Shoulder Strap

This is a 16 inch nylon tool holdall, with carry handles and padded shoulder strap. It has rubberized supports on the reinforced base, and heavy duty zippers . There's a lot of compartmentalized storage in the form of internal and external pockets. This is great for making tools and accesories quick and easy to locate, especially small items.

You can keep all your small DIY and garden tools together in one place with this bag.

  • Loads of inside storage - 12 pockets.
  • External storage - 10 pouches.
  • Shoulder carry strap.

Ladies Pink Tool Holdall

Ladies Multi Tool Storage Caddy Bag - Hard Sided (Pink)

This pink and red tool carrier is more rigid than the one above. It's open at the top, and has a metal carry bar and a nylon shoulder strap. It has many inside and outside pockets for storing individual tools and small items.

  • Cushioned handle plus detachable, adjustable shoulder strap.
  • 18 pockets total inside and outside the bag.
  • 8 tool holders
  • Measuring tape holder
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 9.5 x 8 inches approximately.

Rustoleum Pink Spray Paint For Metal

Rust-Oleum Berry Pink 12 ounce Multi Purpose Spray PaintRust-Oleum Berry Pink 12 ounce Multi Purpose Spray Paint

Love pink gardening tools? Well now you can dig out your old hand tools, and long-handled garden equipment and give them a new lease of life by painting them pink!

This spray paint by Rust-Oleum works on metal as well as on wood, wicker and other surfaces. Rub down, clean and dry the surfaces to be painted, then, with several spray passes, you can completely transform old items into something eye-catching that you alone possess!

Kids Pink Garden Tool Set

MoTrent Children Gardening Tools Set, 7 PCS Kids Garden Tool Toys Including Watering Can, Gardening Gloves, Shovel, Rake, Trowel, Garden Toe Bag and Kids Smock - Pink

If you have kids or grandkids follow you around when you're gardening, how about encouraging them to help you? Getting them interested in the garden at a young age, increases the likelihood of them appreciating the natural world around them as they grow older.

Whether they just follow you around and 'help', or they have their own kids play area with plants to tend, having their own kid-sized tools will encourage their interest, and they can role-play as much as they like.

This cute pink garden tools set for kids, contains all they'll need to have fun in the garden. The set includes trowel, fork & hand rake together with watering can, garden gloves and tote bag to store everything away tidily when play is over.

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