5 Ways to Minimize Your Backyard Makeover Cost

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This post was last updated on January 2nd, 2021 at 08:23 pm

How to keep down the cost of your backyard makeover

We can all get creative about changing the look of our yard, but sometimes the cost of getting it to look how we desire, falls outside our budget.

Transforming a yard on a small budget can be quite a challenge, so any factors that can help minimize the cost are important.

We give you here, five ways to keep your transformation costs as low as possible.

First though, we suggest you have a tidy up. A good yard clean up will create the blank canvas on which you can plan your makeover.

#1 Plan Your Work

Yard makeover planning is essential if you are working to a tight budget. Before you start any work, sit down and plan out everything you would like to have done. Even if it's not affordable at the present time.

Get clear from the start exactly what changes and improvements you want to achieve, and over what period of time. If money is tight then you'll need more time to effect your makeover.

When you can see the 'big picture' you'll be able to more effectively set out your work schedule.

#2 Do Most Of The Tasks Yourself

Time is money is time. When you're working to a budget, especially a tight budget, you need to balance how long it takes to finish a project, with the final cost. Typical landscaping costs would include fees for professional contractors to complete some tasks for you. Avoid this wherever possible. Do the work yourself.

Paying contractors or other specialists is only going to gobble up your money. The more work you can do yourself without employing the services of other people, is going to save you cash. The only downside is that you will need to use more of your own time, and some tasks will take you longer to complete.

You can get advice everywhere on how to do specific jobs and what tools and materials will be needed. At your local library, the internet, local garden centers or equipment rental businesses. Do your homework.

#3 Have The Right Tools

Most tasks can be performed more efficiently when you use the correct tool for the job, so make sure you have the appropriate equipment before you start working. You don't have to buy everything.

Some - specifically tools which you may only need to use for one project - can be rented. Also, look out for pre-owned tools in the small ads and for bargains at yard sales.

Proper tools don't just help you get the job done. They'll help you do it more efficiently, more accurately and quicker.

#4 Plan Your Buying

You'll need to buy materials at some stage, like wood, sand, cinder blocks, paint and stains for example, so spend a while calculating exactly how much you'll need.

Whilst you don't want to end up with having less material than you need, you won't want to be left with surplus materials either. If you have planned out your purchases, there'll be minimal wastage, and you'll have more money left to spend on decor items.

#5 Recycle And Re-purpose

A great way to redecorate your backyard on the cheap and to create your own individual style, is to recycle and re-purpose items that might otherwise be trashed. This is the most fun and creative way to save money with your makeover, and to create unique features in your own special space.

What do you have in your backyard that could be re-purposed? An old shed? Metal furniture? Wooden boxes? Even old bathtubs can sometimes be used as a special feature, such as a water garden or large planter!

Do you have any old items like these?

  • Rusty guttering or metal frameworks
  • Containers - any type - ceramic, metal, wooden, concrete
  • Machinery - old bikes,
  • Chimenea
  • Birdhouses or feeders
  • Statues

With a bit of elbow grease and creative painting, many items can be transformed into colorful, decorative features. Focal points in your yard.

Look for ideas everywhere - magazines, the Internet, other people's yards. Look everywhere for items to salvage - yard sales, flea markets, skips!

It is amazing what other people throw away! One person's junk item can become your backyard design feature that nobody else has!

It's not essential to spend a shed-load of cash changing the look of your yard. With a bit of financial prudence, some planning, a creative imagination and some elbow grease, you can bring about some stylish changes that will belie the fact that you made your small backyard makeover on a budget.

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