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You might think that with only a small space in your yard for gardening that your choices would be limited. But you'd be wrong. We'll show you eight ways to start a garden in a small backyard. You can use these ideas singly or combine them to create the overall garden space you want. We'll

If you’re fortunate to live in a region with a lot of sunshine, you’ll appreciate having some shade in your yard at times. Sunshine is great but it can become a bit overwhelming when the temperature stays high.A special canopy or awning to create shade will help reduce glare, and make your outdoor living more

We can all get creative about changing the look of our yard, but sometimes the cost of getting it to look how we desire, falls outside our budget. Transforming a yard on a small budget can be quite a challenge, so any factors that can help minimize the cost are important. We give you here,

If pink is one of your favorite colors then you're in for a treat. There are more pink garden tools available now then ever before. They've become very popular in recent years, and make a bright and pleasant change in the garden, from the rustic greens and browns of the past. In addition, for those

Waterproof outdoor patio furniture covers really help protect the chairs and tables you keep outdoors, and make them last longer.You’ll need to protect your chairs and tables from the elements. From the sun and rain, dust and dirt, and bird droppings.Covers also help protect against discoloration and general wear.Ideally you want a waterproof fabric that

We used an outdoor wooden raised garden bed kit when we were strapped for space in our backyard. We built up several actually.It is a lot easier tending to flowers and veggies when you are not stooping all the way down to ground level. So they are great for anyone with a bad back. Raised beds

We find that reusable garden waste bags are a lot more economic than using the disposable kind. You avoid the risk of spillages when bags tear, which often happens with the throwaway types, and you don’t need to stock up on replacements.When you have part filled bags and intend to add to the contents later,

If you don’t already have a Heavy Duty Waterproof 8 x 10 tarpaulin for use with your backyard and DIY tasks, you should consider one.It has so many practical uses.The 8 by 10 is large enough for many jobs, and small enough to fold away without taking up much storage place. I even keep one

If you have trees or shrubs in your backyard, you’ll appreciate just how much long handled pruning shears can help with general backyard maintenance.They are ideal for:Reaching high branches without having to resort to using a ladder.Cutting and pruning low down so you don’t have to stoop.Cutting back growth inside a large bush or shrub

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